My new pet monster

MoshiI was given a Moshi Monster phone charm by our “secret santa” this year. I was pleased to see that Mind Candy (an Accel and Spark Ventures investment) was behind the charm and that it linked to a virtual pets style website. I’ve now registered and adopted a monster, my new, if somewhat despondent, moshi monster called Alpi:


Moshi Monsters is kind of a Second Life for Kids with a tamagotchi thrown in… the puzzles they offer kids as edutainment are definitely cool -some of the brain teasers are very similar to nintendo’s Brain Training game. I haven’t spent long periods of time with my monster (and probably won’t), but I can see where kids could really get into this. The site has just launched, so traffic volumes are still relatively low, but they are growing. Only time will tell if this turns into a monster of an investment šŸ˜‰

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