Yahoo OnePlace- An Intelligent Mobile Agent?


Continuing with the theme of The Next Web, Yahoo has announced Yahoo OnePlace today:

Yahoo! onePlace brings together all your interests, passions and important information into a single location, creating a rich, highly personalized experience around it for you. Everything is instantly organized, dynamically kept up to date, and served up to you the way you want [to your mobile]…

…News feeds, websites, videos, images, emails, search queries, etc.—all can be linked into Yahoo! onePlace from anywhere across the Internet with a single click [and delivered to your mobile]….


…Yahoo! onePlace will list each of these for you as well provide a preview of the underlying content, which is continually refreshed throughout the day.

If they pull this off, this is going to be an exceptional service to bring the internet to the mobile. Before you dismiss Yahoo out of hand, pick up your iPhone and search for anything inside safari. Look at the google results. Then go to prefs and change to Yahoo as your search engine, and run the same search. Then, sit back and admire Yahoo’s implementation of mobile search…

1 Comment

  1. It looks like an exciting service! Look forward to se it launched and available in the marketplace. Meanwhile I strongly recommend you try a similar service which already exist today and is extremely simple to use, Mobispine. That company has been around for a while, has good user traction and it seems that people like the service a lot.

    / Joakim ,from Mobispine

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