iSurprise with Kleiner’s iFund

Wow, who would have thought Steve’s “One more thing” would be a $100 million fund dedicated to iPhone apps. (It’s not everyday that I can blog about Apple AND Venture Capital in the same post…)

The only part that threw me was it’s Kleiner Perkins and not Sequoia. Unless my history is wrong, Sequoia backed Apple, not KPCB- so why aren’t they running the iFund? Accel are running the Facebook Fund. If you back the original, surely you back the ecosystem too?

That aside, I’m really excited that Kleiner are putting some muscle behind development for the platform.


  1. Jason – sot sure it’s a coincidence but Al Gore (Apple Board member and a long standing friend of Doerr) recently joined KP as a Partner. Agree, Gore’s focus is on renewable / cleantech investments but maybe he also played a part in KP new fund.

  2. I agree. That one hadn’t flown under the radar… Also John Doerr’s still on Google’s board, Eric Schmidt is on Apple’s board, etc. so there are some dense relationships there…

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