Geotag it

One of the areas I’ve been spending a lot of time looking at is All Things Geo. Three headlines caught my eye today:

Eye-fi Explore -auto geotags your photos before uploading automagically via wifi.

Sony Ericsson- have patented geotagging songs “Proposed technology for a “location dependent music search” would use
GPS or a similar mapping method to determine the phone’s location and
promptly find music associated with the area, whether on the device or
on an Internet server. The feature would let users cue songs they
associate with favorite areas or download songs from local artists.”

SnapthumbMIT Android Demos– a list of recent apps developed on Android- all of which incorporate geo/contextual awareness. My favorite was the last one: snap

It’s kind of like Digg on a map. People can tag certain places and then other users can vote that particular attraction up or down.

So if you’re in a new city, you can pull up your current location and find things around you that other people think are interesting.

If there’s a particular user that’s uploaded a bunch of cool stuff, you can subscribe to his or her stuff. Arrows on the map change color the more popular they get. Very cool

Any other cool geo-related apps out there you’ve seen? (btw, if anyone has a fire eagle invite, pls ping me)

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