Under the Hood- Apple iPhone 3G Chipsets

If chipsets are your thing, then feast your eyes on the latest iPhone teardown:

It’s interesting that Apple have chosen to go with so many components – making the iPhone larger than it could have been if they had used integrated, monolithic die. It’s interesting to see Infineon seem to be taking over the board though…
“…Infineon won big. It supplies the UMTS transceiver, suspected to be the PMB 6952, as well as the baseband processor, which is actually a two-chip module in a single package. The first chip is the X-Gold 208 (PMB 8877), which caters to GSM/GPRS/EDGE waveforms. The second chip is marked the PMB 8802 and is suspected to be the WCDMA/HSDPA accelerator for 3G. While there’s still some debate as to whether this combo package with Apple markings may in fact be Infineon’s XGold 608 (PMB 8878)

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  1. I want to do this to all phones – and other electronic things – I own and have with difficulty trained myself not to open things up. So this post is a delight 😉 Saves me an opened-up iPhone.

    I see two points here:

    1. That Apple’s reliance on an external chip supplier may reduce some of its design flexibility.

    2. It would be interesting to analyse this design choice against Apple’s BOM. Is it possible that two points of possible failure in combination were chosen to keep margins high? After all, whenever things go wrong, Apple does make money when people bring broken (and out of warranty) things in.

    I would rather Apple worked on battery issues in both their laptops and phones. Following Tweets on battery problems is a matter of schadenfreude because I am not using an iPhone but it is tragic.

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