Critical Mass London- Get out your Bike [Updated]


After further thought, I won't be attending. Possibly the most dangerous vehicle on the roads is the Irresponsible Cyclist. 

While I agree that more cycle awareness and support for cyclists is needed, I don't think breaking the law, clogging traffic and generally causing mayhem is the best way to advance cycling in metropolitan areas. 

One of the key criticisms I always hear about cyclists in London is that they "always break the law"- which is something I make a point of not doing. Responsible cycling is really the best way forward… with awareness and respect from motor vehicles- I can't see that Critical Mass promotes that type of protest, so won't be joining. Ping me or leave a comment if you know of any "positive protests" in the City…


Conditions for cyclists in London can range from pretty poor to extremely dangerous… I literally have *very* close calls on a daily basis. Luckily I haven't eaten any pavement yet, but I'm sure it won't be long, despite being pretty defensive out there.

If you'd like to join an awareness event for cycling, the next Critical Mass London is next Friday at 6pm on the South Bank under Waterloo Bridge, by the National Film Theatre. 

What's Critical Mass? Here's a recent video from the WSJ on its origins:

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  1. Good choice Jason — that Critical Mass thing looks quite reckless! Having said that, I don’t quite agree that cyclists shouldn’t ‘break the law’. I ride in to work daily and if I stopped at every traffic light it would take me 45 minutes – at that rate I might as well take my car, pollute the air and stay dry.

    You can be responsible and safe and still run 65% of red lights, as most cyclists do. What’s more, the statistics (often-cited, though I’m not sure how reliable) say that cyclists who run red lights are less likely to be injured than those who stop. (See the TfL’s own report here:

    What we really need in London is more separate bike paths and ways to avoid large intersections. Like Hyde Park corner, which has become a complete nightmare since they closed the underpass…. Ride on bro.

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