Dropbox- how file sync should be

My beta invite for Dropbox (funded by Y Combinator) arrived this weekend – and my initial impression is very positive. I’ve migrated my home mac use to a client/server (MacBook Pro/iMac) set up- with my iMac doing most of the heavy lifting.

I’ve tried multiple back up services and even tried to use iDisk as a “dropbox”, but it never worked like it should. I’m now sharing my “Current” folder between the two macs seamlessly- and can even get access via the web if needed. Essentially, Dropbox is what iDisk should be – seamless cross-platform file sharing, complemented by web access:

Dropbox features

Apple should acquire these guys ASAP and switch out iDisk for Dropbox…and getting access to these files via my iPhone would make a nice addition to MobileMe too.