Spotify- The Next Great Music App

Congratulations to the Spotify team- they’ve launched their public beta today allowing anyone to listen to music over the web, in what I think could be the next great music app.

I’ve been lucky enough (thanks Daniel!) to be one of the beta testers over the past several months- today’s the first time I’ve seen (and heard) ads on Spotify- and they’ve come up with a great advertising supported music model that’s legal. Yes, it’s all legit…

Two things you’ve got to do: 1) Download the app 2) SHARE a playlist. Sharing music via Spotify has to be the most fun I’ve had in years. (Yes, VCs are kind of sad that way.)

And if you can’t wait to get your hands on a beta invite- you can get the premium version of Spotify immediately which has no ads…

This is gonna be a great.


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