Five Steps to Music Nirvana

Step 1. Get Spotify

Step 2. Sign up for an account at

Step 3. Enable scrobbling inside the prefs pane in Spotify

Step 4. Check this site to find new artists based on your recommendations

Step 5. Enjoy your new found music nirvana


  1. Jason, great tip. Spotify is awesome, but it desperately needs an iTunes style Genius or integration or some other recommendation engine. It is a major hassle for most people to pick the songs they want to listen to, especially from 1+ million songs that are available via Spotify. They should at least get a a basic collaborative filtering engine integrated. I just met with some guys last week who have one of the best collaborative filtering engines out there and they could provide a turn-key solution at a very low cost. If you happen to know the Spotify guys, maybe I can connect them.

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