Venture’s Back

I’m sure everyone has been seeing what’s happened in the US Equity markets- NASDAQ is up 30%+ YTD, with many stocks like Apple showing 131% gains this year. Strong earnings reports mean public companies have cash to deploy…

I attended GP Bullhound’s Mobile Sector Breakfast two weeks ago, where Manish reported some positive liquidity stats (available here): M&A activity in the mobile sector has seen a 77% increase in transaction value and an increase in transactions over $50M (AT&T’s acquisition of Plusmo is one example)

Today’s announcements that Google is buying AdMob for $750M and EA’s acquisition of Playfish for $300M (congrats Hussein) adds further fuel to the fire- and is very good news for the venture industry. Unless this is a dead cat bounce, it looks like the venture cycle just might be back…

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