Neer- finding your friends

Public disclosure before this post even begins: I work for Qualcomm, and Neer has been developed by Qualcomm Services Labs.

Qualcomm has launched a new app on Android called Neer, which I think is pretty cool… I posted a few years ago that the future of the internet was about privacy-  and Neer delivers exactly that.

Think of Neer as the Anti-fourquare (soundbite thanks to TechCrunch). With Neer, you establish locations that are relvant to you: Work, Home, Gym, Park-  or whatever- and then Neer updates your contacts when you enter and leave those locations. You get updates when your contacts do the same…

It takes away the constant pinging associated with Fourquare and the creepiness of Google Lattitude. For me, I’d love to be able to glance at my phone and see where my friends and family are at any given time. Of course, this built for real friends (and family)- the ones you invite over for dinner; not the 2,300 people that follow you on twitter or foursquare, etc.

If you’ve got an Android phone, go download Neer; if you’ve got an iPhone, apparently an iOS app will be available soon.

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