Visit the Valley

Greetings from California! This is the third post in my Thoughts on Entrepreneurship series.

If you’re not based in the Valley, you need to get here as fast as you possibly can. No, really.

If you haven’t seen, smelled and tasted what the Bay Area is like, you have no idea what I’m saying- and you won’t until you do. The density of connections, and the ability to Get Things Done is amazing. Buy a ticket, spend a week networking and you’ll leave a new man (or woman). But don’t stop there, once you’ve been (you’ll see what I mean), you need to plan on visiting at LEAST quarterly for 1 week; 2 weeks if you can afford it.

I bumped into Andy McLoughlin, co-founder of Huddle at an event on Sand Hill Road earlier this year. I was delighted to learn Huddle had raised $10M from Matrix Partners and had recently re-located to the Bay Area from London. Huddle, if you don’t know them, are becoming a great European success story- they had really good local investors initially (Eden), and thought big.  Plus, they even established and ran what is one of the most successful entrepreneur events in London- DrinkTank– which in a way created their own epicenter and network around the company. Andy was giving a talk on what it means to be an entrepreneur in Europe, and making the transition to the US. He practices what he preaches, and he’s a believer in the Church of Silicon Valley.

I’m a believer as well. Make plans to make your first pilgrimage- go Visit the Valley…

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