Iterate and Innovate

Once you’ve launched your product, you’d better be ready to change it. Listen to your customer (or users), they will tell you what they need. Make changes accordingly.

You have one goal in mind: to build the Greatest Product you can. It’s all about building a great product – that’s one that I’ve borrowed straight from Rolof Botha.

Examples of kind of crappy first products are plentiful: iPhone first gen (vs the 4G that launched last summer). Apple listened to its customers, and refined the product. They did exactly the same with the iPod (which was more like the iWhat? back when it launched). Spotify is a great example of a company that has taken Europe by storm because it’s a Great Product (mobile product is not great though. which is too bad…keep working on it guys).

Keeping things as simple as you can, then adding features is a great way to be successful- again, back to Twitter as an example. It’s a simple service that has evolved over the past 3 years- Twitter has iterated and innovated (they’ve come up with completely new ways of handing all that data). They obviously didn’t worry about that when they launched – hello Blue Whale of Death- but they figured it out (mostly).

Copy these great companies, ship your product, then iterate and innovate quickly and continuously.

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