The Premium Economy

I’ve been trying out various new services lately, and have been completely blown away in most cases. It’s registered that we’re now entering the Premium Economy. And it’s going to make our lives richer, but us poorer… I don’t mean Premium accounts where you lose the banner ads; I mean Premium where you get a slick service. Let me cite a few examples:

1) Halio – You need to live in London, Dublin, Toronto, Chicago to test this one. I’ve only tested the London service; you can hail a cab from the comfort of your table at the restaurant, get notified when your cab’s outside and then pay for the fare all on account (credit card). No hassle, no waiting. I’m addicted. It’s like having a personal driver at your beck and call.

2) Uber – San Francisco, London, Paris- Same thing as Hailo, but the cars are private and *plush*. I was lucky enough to try this one in the City of Lights. Seamless experience from start to finish, all while riding in the back of a sweet BMW.

3) Hotel Tonight – Multiple US cities, London. This is not your ordinary last minute deal site. You get to choose from four boutique hotel rooms and get a 20%+ discount and book in a few clicks. Simple and efficient.

These are three examples of premium services that I simply couldn’t afford otherwise. Think of it as NetJet for normal people. They all offer 1-click purchasing (or maybe 2 clicks), no cash, no hassles and deliver a premium experience for users. This is a new class of app and service I’m seeing emerge. And I like what I see.

If you’re thinking about a new business to launch, think about upgrading to premium…

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