The Three P’s of Venture Capital

I’ve written many times about what VCs are looking for and what I’m looking for in particular.

I sent out a tweet recently about my 3 P’s of investing and thought I’d elaborate briefly.

1) People. I have to like you. I have to think we can work together. That you’re smart. Opinionated. Informed. That you listen, ask questions, ask for help. That you have a vision and you’re passionate about what you’re doing and that you can execute.

2) Product. I have to love it. Not like it, not see how others might like it after a few beers, but love it. I have want to touch the product, marvel at the design, dream about using the product again. It has to be unique. Not “The Airbnb of lunch” or “Spotify for newspapers”….

3) Potential. We’re doing this to impact millions of people. Why settle for less? In some cases though, great margins on high priced products with smaller markets are good too.

Hard to fit all that fine print into 140 characters…


  1. It seems like the people portion is always the most difficult to quantify – it would be great to see a more in-depth post on the methods you use to evaluate this. Are there go-to questions you ask that you’re looking for a specific response? From a ‘people’ standpoint, what should an entrepreneur think about when pitching a VC?

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