About me

I’m a partner at GR Capital. Previously, I was Managing Director at Qualcomm Ventures Europe. Highlight companies were Arteris (acquired by Qualcomm), Peak (acquired by Hachette Livre), We7 (acquired by Tesco Plc.) and Videoplaza (acquired by Telstra).

Prior to Qualcomm, I was the Investment Director at London Seed Capital, a seed and early stage venture capital fund, where I focused on material science and internet technology investments. I wrote the first check for Brandwatch.

I’m also fortunate to count myself as a small angel investor in Argent, Citymapper, Monzo, and Upside Foods, among others.


  1. Hey Jason, its been a long time!!!

    I just hit a major speed bump and after moaning for two days , I remembered you might be the go-to guy.

    I upgraded my Mac to Lion and surprise, surprise: Quicken is no longer supported!!! For a control freak like me this a mayor catastrophe.

    Long story short: I did a lot of online research and it seems like there are two best alternatives out there: iBank4 and See Finance. I was hoping you had already gone through this and had some advice to share…… I am open to other options as well!

  2. Hello Jason, I discovered you while looking up Sean Phelan after reading the Sunday times article “How I made it”. An Inspiring read to those like me who only use phones and computers for a call or email,as were links about yourself.

    After reading various profiles and learning computer speak at what a cyclist would discribe as breakneck speed I keep coming back to you as the person best to speak to about an app I have conceived.
    My 12 yo son uses them,I don’t, just watch in awe. My design approach is from a different angle/viewpoint/overview.
    As Walt Disney said “with animation you can make anything happen-if you want lightening you just put it in the sky!”.

    I don’t feel bogged down or restricted by tech know how.
    I am an ex carpet designer/restaurateur/retailer now writing fulltime having enjoyed success at the Edinbugh Festival some years back designing filmscripts,stories etc mainly for children.

    With them in mind and the adults who will want to join in the fun as they “journey”- a clue- I am ignorant of what to do with my idea next etc etc.I am confident that what I have in mind will inspire you, if only to happily pass it on to others.
    I appreciate that you are very busy and will be happy to talk it through with an assistant who can give you the bullit points in computer terms. or wait if you tell me when you will be free to get back to me.

    I am also approaching this without financial thoughts and am happy to leave that to you or whoever.
    Hoping to hear from you
    Roger Lucas.
    01343 812240

  3. Hi Jason,

    We currently working on an Augmented Reality based application and need start up capital. The guys at Qualcomm South Africa are talking to us at the moment but we would really like to start this up in the United Kingdom due to the more advanced and skilled talent pool and expertise.

    We are due to take a trip down to attend MOMO Cape Town on the 12th of October which is hosted by Qualcomm SA and MTN (a local service provider) where we will be presenting our concept for start up funding but as I mentioned before we would much rather try to start up and develop our idea up here in the UK.

    I have been in the UK on business since 29 Oct and will be (annoyingly) flying back to SA tomorrow evening. I only discovered the QualComm UK/EU link today.

    Would it be possible for us to present our idea to you? If so how?

    I look forward to your reply,

    Petre Smith

  4. Hi Jason,

    Very glad to see that you will be attending Pioneers in Vienna.

    We (CaseTrek) are a start-up in the legal sector, producing both Law Practice Management software in the Cloud for small-mid sized law firms.

    Also, our other product – DealHunter – aims at more sophisticated law firms, as it provides them more business prospecting by delivering them targeted news from their industry. This we achieve by doing the textual Natural Language Processing analysis over the latest unstructured data on the web.

    It will be great to see you at the Pioneers and see if there are ways to get to win/win for all of us.

    If you are too busy during the event, we could always Skype afterwards.

    Thank you kindly,

  5. Hello Mr. Jason

    You might be used to getting this sort of emails given to your profession. This will be the main reason for why we’re going to cut you some slack and get right down to business with no fancy introduction whatsoever.
    My name is Pavel Antohe, I’m from Romania and, together with two other fellows, Cătălin Ceacu and Rafailescu Mihnea, I’m part of a very passionate team, which aims to deliver the ultimate online experience ever seen through an web application called Kuende.
    At first glance Kuende is just another average social network with all the basic components to make it stand on its feet, but in fact this project goes much more deeper into the flaws of all the mainstream social mediums and fixes them all becoming a perfect product.
    The whole concept has been undergoing development for more than 2 years. We filled piles of notebooks with hundreds of ideas. What made our time worthwhile was the fact the three of us have very different personalities, but somehow they are perfectly glued together, so that when someone comes with an idea, the other two would take it and munch it vigorously and, just like a diamond, in the end turn that idea into a gem of a concept and immediately right it down.
    The whole project started from a very daring intention. “Let’s make a website that gives back things to the users, that makes their time on the website worthwhile. Let’s make a website that repays its users with benefits and in the end maybe money from nothing.” And now Kuende is even more than that. If it ever happens, it could become the roof that hosts the whole internet. The socializing counterpart would be just 35-40% of it and the rest is countless services, such as movies, music, file sharing, live streams, the ability of letting people promote their skills and hobbies, sell things made by themselves, make tutorials, teaching modules available at the very tips of your fingers, and what’s most important, the introduction of a monetary system within the website (Kpoints) which later can transform into benefits for users. We want to build a global infrastructure on this concept. For instance, through your activity in time you gain enough points to buy an offer in the website’s marketplace. You’ll see that Starbucks will offer either 50% discount on one of their product for a number of Kpoints or the whole product for a couple more. You just use your Kpoints and then show the clerks via the mobile app the proof of your purchase and get it. Just like this we plan on getting the help of many companies to join us into helping each other and grow even bigger. To put things into perspective, just imagine how much money you’d have gotten out of your facebook activity If facebook had embraced this system. Our platform will value the time its users are spending on it.
    We are quite early into the development of this platform and we have a brilliant team (3 developers on Ruby on Rails), progress has been made on the programming and design sides, but without a proper investment things aren’t going to get any more beautiful than that. We sacrificed all our savings, and jobs and even social lives, to be a step closer to our dream.
    Already more than 4k people are talking about Kuende and are waiting to test it.
    If you find this idea as brilliant as we do and you are willing to help we can talk more in depth with you about this project and give even more details, for what I’ve shared so far barely scratches the ceiling. What’s coming up next is going to smash the ceiling and get things to the next level. Literally.

    Thank you for your time, means the world!

    All the best,

    Team Kuende

  6. Dear Mr. Ball,

    I would like to connect with you to present you an Investment opportunity for Qualcomm in the in the internet of things.

    Best regards,

    Loïc Sacré

  7. Hi Jason,

    Hope you are well. I have sent you a message in LinkedIn regarding an investment opportunity in Qualcomm area of focus. Looking forward to hear back from you soon.

    Have a good week.
    Romi Mathew

  8. My name is Ramzan and I study masters at Cass Business School. I and my cousin Asvad came up with a social network app idea. We had very limited resources hence we decided to make sketches, explanatory video and landing page for the app ourselves, that you you can see in the website below:


    We ran basic ad campaign explaining the functionality of the app in facebook in England, USA and Spanish speaking countries, to see if potential customers would download the app if it was ready. The result of the campaign showed that around 4400 people tried to download the app in just 4 days.

    At the moment we are struggling to develop MVP of the app since we don’t have the required coding skills. We are in contact with app developing companies and need resources to finance the MVP and get it out to the market as soon as possible, get real people using it and build customer base.

    Please have a look at the project and get back to us if you are interested in investing and being part of the project.

    Thank you and All The Best

    Team NearMe

  9. Hi Jason,

    How are you?
    We are a Bristolian peer to peer platform “like Airbnb” but instead of booking rooms you can book fun activities in your area.
    There would be cool activities such as horseriding in the forest, cooking asian food, crafts workshops, matial arts lessons…
    Instead of going through many websites to find activities, they will be all gathered at the same place.
    This is a good way for people to make extra money by turning their skills and passion into an activity they can sell to others.
    We have a team working with us who can build the platform and need seed money to make it happen.
    If you are interested we will be happy to meet you over a coffee and discuss more about our project.

    All the best,
    Alexis and Melissa

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