Mind Control 1.0

Making a brand reach every facet of a customer’s life is the main objective of any company and Marketing manager. Many people have preached that it is better to increase your “wallet share” over your “market share”. I will be talking about how to increase your “mind share”; which means making sure your brand is recognized (even misrecognized) almost instantly. How do can you make this happen? By using a few simple, yet fundamental, branding elements-in your favor- and against the competition.
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Security, Privacy and Fear

The attack on the World Trade Center towers in NY on Sept. 11 has raised security concerns on many fronts. People are crying out in outrage against further security measures- online and offline [1]. This attitude is also echoed by John Perry Barlow, an outspoken Internet rights activist, whom I have cited and respect greatly. Other authors echo this sentiment as well. [2]
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