TechBytes en Español

Ok, I lived in Spain for 6 years. Someone was looking at the site in Spanish via Google’s translation service, so I decided to take a look at my site in Spanish:

My posts are unbelievably unintelligible when translated by machine. The last post on “the Funded” turns into mush- the name “London Seed Capital” gets translated, the website “The Funded” gets translated, “Index Ventures” gets translated- all translated into a big pile of gobbled gook.

Taking the Spanish and feeding it back in to get English again gives you an idea:

Capital of seed of London – The ball of Jason has blog interesting that is much on technology and very little – this one is interesting considering its list is so separated towards it go so it lacks to equipment with solid masters of the industry.

Company of the atlas – some very good people with this company/signature, although the nature of euro of the company/signature has with her some partners extremely snobby. they leave you single, way too much. no aid beyond the cash infusion.

Companies of the index – One lies down to these individuals and obtained “to hey this” really fresh regeneration but then never followed. I do not concern the being said of not or a certain eufemismo for no, but it does not reflect well in a bottom when “they send it in”.

Too funny.

Si no sabes leer ingles y quieres leer algún articulo mío en español (y no te aclaras con la traducción de Google) envíame un email a techbytes arroba mac punto com y te lo traduciré.

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The Shopping Experience- keeping customers happy

I’ve believed since my days at infonomia that Alfons Cornella was correct: in the future, everything would be bought via the net and that physical shopping would be an “experience” in the same way that fine dining is about more than just nourishing the body.

I have now decided that e-commerce can provide a vastly superior shopping experience.

I was reminded what an “experience” it is to shop today at my local Sainsbury’s Market- how time-consuming, frustrating and stressful a weekend outing to the supermarket can really be.

I’ve been using Able & Cole for a few months now and have continued to be impressed with their website, value for money, quality food and above all, customer service. It’s all about customer touch points: the “notes” they include with my weekly delivery, the quirky explanation about what “Apples in conversion” means, what farm they’ve come from, how far they travelled, what the carbon footprint is, etc.

The last time I saw our delivery guy, he said, “Mr Ball, it’s been a pleasure delivering your groceries, but I’ve been re-assigned to NW3. My colleague [Scott] will be taking care of you from now on…”. He was very sincere that someone else would be taking care of me and my family and seemed honestly disappointed to be reassigned to a different part of London.

I was thoroughly impressed. I’ve seen at least 20 different delivery guys from Tesco, and none of them have even bothered to say more than “Sign here”.

If you’re an e-tailer, I seriously recommend that you study Able & Cole forensically. They are doing an amazing job.

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Disney sells 1.3 million films on iTunes

Sales of films from Disney on Apple’s iTunes Music Store jumped to more than 1.3 million just three months after debuting on the digital storefront.
Big-name studios have proven reluctant to join iTunes for fear of
angering brick-and-mortar retailers such as Wal-Mart and Target, both
of which derive a sizable portion of their profits from DVD sales.
Wal-Mart in September was reported to have threatened Hollywood studios
with retribution if they joined Apple’s movement. Disney CEO Bob Iger
said digital distribution is "creating more consumption of media,"
adding that "The message that we deliver to our traditional [retail]
partners is that the pie is getting bigger," according to (via MacNN)

I’ve argued before that digital distribution would expand the pie, not cannibalize any sales. Judging by iTunes music sales evolution, movie sales are running slower than music, but music sales just reached the 2 billion mark, after hitting the million mark in October 2005. With the coming launch of Apple TV, movie sales through iTunes should really take off. This should put further pressure on other studios to make their content available online.

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Collaborate to Innovate: The Rise of Social Networks

I attended a Nesta event on Monday, Collaborate to Innovate. Ronald Burt of the Chicago Graduate School of Business spoke about some of his research regarding social networks. Ronald has conducted extensive research on interaction between social clusters. The key conclusion is that value resides in the white spaces. Brokers, social flies, serial networkers, etc are most likely to benefit from cross-pollination between different social (or work) groups/communities.

The second topic for the evening was the rise of online social networks. For most anyone reading this, you’re well versed in social networks. The important point made is that there are really two key types of social networks- those focused on the person, such as LinkedIn, and those focused on people’s attributes, like musical taste, such as Lastfm, where the actual individual takes a back seat.

Thinking about where the white spaces are around my social networks, it makes sense to think about your (or my) attributes: American, VC, Chemist, Blogger, Guitarist, Mac Zelot, etc…any of those place me within potentially new "social networks".

Where would you look for disruptive, insightful, new social interaction?